Monday, 12 December 2016


Festival season is here and we literally can't contain our excitement! Along with the exhilarating feeling of live music and dancing with your friends in the sunshine, festivals are a place for expressing ourselves through the pieces that we wear, accessories & hair and make up. It's a time to truly have fun and get your crazy, creative minds working! 

Put together an outfit that makes you feel good, is fun, bold, but most importantly stays true to yourself! Don't dress a certain way just to impress others, or because you think it's "cool" - just do it for yourself & how it makes you feel! 

We have put together 4 KILLER FESTIVAL LOOKS to help give you the ultimate festival inspo, using some of our favorite pieces from our Spring Summer '17 Collection!

LOOK #1: Cotton Candy Dress

This look is all about the fresh, pastel vibes that remind us of summer! Our Cotton Candy Dress shines with pink and gold hues, and features a gold connector ring at the front of the dress.

Alternatively, if dresses ain't your thing - check our our Cotton Candy Top or Cotton Candy Shorts.  

Edge up this look by styling the dress with some black boots or Docs, and a small black back-pack to carry your things in. 

For your make up - Some black winged eyeliner, baby pink eyeshadow, and highlighter (always highlighter!) will compliment the rest of the outfit nicely. 

For those that really want to funk up their look and take it to another level - try out pastel pink eyebrows or some pastel hair chalk through your hair! Alternatively, add touches of gold glitter in your make up look which will compliment the gold ring in the dress. In our opinion, glitter is always a good idea ;)

LOOK #2: Snow Cone Top / Snow Cone Pants

Are you the kind of girl who is all about the boho-chic vibes, but still doesn't want to feel plain or boring at festivals? You aren't into anything too crazy, or bold or bright colours? Then our sheer Snow Cone Top and Snow Cone Pants are the perfect festival pieces for you! 

We have gained serious inspo from mega babe and blogger ☆ ROWI SINGH ☆ for this look. We LOVE how she has styled our sheer white pieces with contrasting black pieces to go underneath. Be sure to check out her amazing page here. If you are loving this look too, then you should definitely check out our Dark Light Bralette or Dark Light Bottoms to go underneath.

Add some accessories in gun metal or tarnished silver hues, which will really make the white Snow Cone pieces pop!

For your make-up - keep this look simple with an over all fresh and glowy look. Achieve this through the use of shimmering eyeshadow and highlighter in soft coloured hues. Add some black eyeliner to bring more of an edge to your look.

For those that want to add more of a fun, creative element to their overall look - add some cute, minimal style designs in white body paint wherever you desire, or style your hair in buns/braids and apply glitter down your roots. 

LOOK #3: Cookies & Cream Shift (White) / Sweet Tarte Bodysuit (White)

This look for the girl who likes rock a more edgy festival look. Do you love bold, statement pieces and getting creative with your festival outfit? Then our Cookies & Cream Shift and Sweet Tarte Bodysuit are for you.

We love how the bold, vibrant colours from the embroidered bodysuit still pop through the white shift, which is such a fun piece to layer over the top whilst still providing you with some cover.

Just like the bodysuit, the accessories for look are going to be bold. A classic black choker will give the outfit an edge and really tie all of the elements together. Our funky belt style Make Me Melt Choker is only $7 - who said your accessories had to be expensive?

For the hair - we are pulling it back for this look. It's all about the messy buns or braids, which you will be thanking yourself for later after all of that dancing. Get super creative with hair ring accessories and try out different 'pierced braid' looks!

Finally, your make up for this look should feature either a bold lip or eye. Get out that dark shade of lipstick or invest in some coloured mascara, which is a fun change up to your regular black mascara.

LOOK #4: Glitter Mousse Dress

This ones for all of you glitter lovin' babes! You love things that are sparkly, glittery or anything that makes you shine. Our Glitter Mousse Dress is calling your name! This silver tinsel textured piece is the perfect party or festival piece. 

For this festival look we have gone for a fun, cosmic vibe! I'm sure we all have some silver stars and glitter lying around our room from previous festivals (I know I do), so put them to good use by sticking them around your eye area. Alternatively, try out this zig-zag part hairstyle. We seriously LOVE this look, and think that applying the stars across the roots really takes the glitter root hair trend to another level.

To continue with the silver theme - stick to all silver accessories. Our Sugar Rush Septum Nose-To-Ear Chain is a perfect festival piece to add to your look. 

Complete your look with some high black lace-up boots to edge up your look. Add a small black backpack to carry around your things, and you're ready to go!    


So that's a wrap!

We hope these 3 looks have got you counting down the days until your next festival and ultimately given you some serious festival inspo!

Let us know if you loved these festival looks, and if would want to see anymore to help give you some inspiration this festival season!

We hope your head is buzzing with beautiful, creative ideas!

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and use the code 'FESTIVAL30' at the check out to receive 30% OFF your purchase to help you out for festival season!

We got you ;) 

Peace, love & magic




Look #1:
Bag -
Pastel eyebrows -
Black boots -
Pink hair -

Look 2#:
Body paint -
Glitter roots -
Eye make up -
Silver necklace -
Rowi Singh -

Look #3:
Hair rings -
Gold eyelashes -

Look #4:
Starry make up look -
Lace up boots -
Hair root glitter stars -

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Splendorous, Splendour In The Grass Festival...

Whether it be that exhilarating feeling you get when the lights beam out from the stage right before your favourite artist is about to start, or being back at the campsite creating glitter masterpieces on each others faces... camping music festivals are like nothing else, filled with endless good times that you don't want to end ☼☼☼

Splendour In The Grass Festival will be hitting Byron Bay in a couple of weeks time. If you were lucky enough to even get your hands on a ticket... this means time to find all of your camping gear, hit up your local $2 shop for all things glitter related & what some would argue as most important... hunt down last minute killer outfits (because lets face it who actually gets their shit together early)

Here are some of our top festival picks to help you get some last minute ideas ✨✨ 

[Poison Shift Dress]
shop me

[Bold As Love Crop Top]
shop me
[Bold As Love Shorts]
shop me

[Moon Wink Dress]
shop me

[Poison Crop Top]

[Poison Maxi Shorts]

[Voodoo Child Crop Top]

[Voodoo Child Shorts]

[Golden Hours Dress (left)]

[Purple Haze Playsuit (right)]


For those road tripping it from all across the country, we have created a Splendour playlist on our Sound Cloud to get the vibes going. It's full of some our favourite tunes from some of the artists playing at Splendour...


Sunday, 15 May 2016


We are so happy to finally share with all of you the first part of our Autumn Winter '16 collection! 


To find out how you could win a $200 voucher to spend on the new collection...keep reading!

The collection is inspired by adventure & the extra ordinary... 

It is full of bold patterns, edgy colours...

quirky cuts & textures...

It is full of magical pieces made for those who dance in the moonlight & bask in the sunlight...


Last week blogger babes We The Wild Ones got all dressed up in their favourite pieces from our new collection...


All you have to do is...

1. Repost this image on Instagram
2. Tag @ebonie_n_ivory and #enicomp
3. Be following us at @ebonie_n_ivory

Winner will be announced Friday 27/05/16


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

where it all began...

ebonie n ivory...

in search of a name that would truly define the lifestyle, soul and essence of the brand, sara set out on a road trip to gain inspiration from her adventures and travels. the name 'ebonie n ivory' was created as a reflection of the special bond she shares with her sister penny

and this is where it all began...

the creative minds behind ebonie n ivory...

sara hawken...

creative director, designer, free spirit, and most importantly the one that brought ebonie n ivory to life back in 2014. she is the one that loves to add a bit of quirk to her everyday wear, with a love for designing clothes that are rare and uniquely specific

something interesting that you might not know about sara...

sara has a a diploma in interior design, with a love for recycling furniture and turning them into new pieces (she even tried out for channel nine's renovation show The Block)

mel serrano...

designer, free spirit and a true creative mind. she is the one with the daring artistic flair, joining the ebonie n ivory tribe after sara felt something was missing and was searching for someone to help shape her creative vision

something interesting that you might not know about mel...

mel is fluent in two languages, english and also spanish! in fact spanish is actually mel's first language, with lots of her family still living over in spain

who do they both look up too...

style icons and artists such as drew barrymore, cher, chloe sevigny, FKA twigs and julia stiles' character katt stratford from the film '10 things I hate about you'. it is clear that the inspiration that they gain from this unique mix of souls and style is reflected throughout their ideas, designs and collections

the first photoshoot...

it seems like forever ago that ebonie n ivory was established as a label and had their first photoshoot with model madi edwards for their first collection, SS16
it was a perfect team and a perfect afternoon for the photoshoot, with the sun setting slowly and magically as matt took continuous dreamy photos of madi in the grassy fields

this is only the beginning...

after setting off to new york to take part in the axis trade show and landing their first major international client asos, it is clear that ebonie n ivory will only grow and further florish as a label
the love and support from each and every one of you beautiful souls reading this is what drives the girls to continue to design the clothes that they do
to show how much your love and support is truly cherished we would like you to enjoy... 

20% OFF STOREWIDE using the code: MAGIC

(code available only at, expires thursday 21/04/16)

forever keep dancing in the moonlight & basking in the sunlight